CNN – “GO There, This is CNN”


If Fox News is the right leaning news source, then obviously, CNN is the left leaning liberal media news source for those who agree with their views. Some see CNN as one of the most trusted news organizations. But the truth is this network is just as capable of framing their stories in a way that appeals the liberal populace and is not without their own controversies.

Combating fake news is difficult for any journalist, let alone an entire news network. It also feels as though, in light of Trump’s proclamation that CNN is fake news, that the news outlet has attempted to be more vigilant in their pursuit of corroborating truthful information and sources.

In watching CNN, there is a definite bias that exists against Trump’s administration and other right wing views. This skewed reporting is also apparent when viewing their shows that allow guests to speak on political opinions. Although Fox News does this as well , a report  by the Joan Shorenstein Center on Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University and the Project for Excellence in Journalism revealed that CNN programming tended to cast a negative light on Republican candidates by a margin of three-to-one. It is to be said that in noticing the networks framing of stories, that it is obvious that, like Fox, a renewed effort is made to keep stories factual and honest.





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