Fox News – “Fair and Balanced”


Fox News has long been labeled as the network that promotes conservative political positions and showcases stories slanted towards the political right, while appealing to republican party perspectives. Despite this claim by some, Fox News stands by their slogan of being fair and balanced. They have a huge following of loyal supporters who also believe that Fox provides unbiased and fair reporting. In the era of fake news, how does the network combat this problem in order to maintain trust in those who watch?

Although the framing of the stories seems to bend to appeal to a certain group, the stories and facts that the news network spreads are still held to the same professional standards of modern journalism. The news network has had many issues and controversies of late regarding the issue of fake news. The network has not really showed any changed in the way they conduct business. Except for the fact that some of the leading personalities have been released or fired due to unprofessional behavior and business practices, there has not been much change. 

After the wiretapping claim made by Andrew Napolitano, who said that the Obama administration coerced the British Government Communication Headquarters to wiretap Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The news network seems to be researching and fact checking more of their sources. The backing of CNN by Fox news host Shepherd Smith shows that not everyone is willing to spread news stories unchecked and respect the professionalism necessary to give the news with an unbiased agenda. All news should be researched and fact checked by the person that receives it. With more media outlets than ever before it is imperative that everyone practice some sort of fact checking no matter who is telling the news.




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